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He’s unrelenting. Even when my mother didn’t approve at first, never gave him the slightest glance whenever he came over and greeted and smiled, even when the world kept spinning faster just waiting for us to lose our balance, he didn’t give up. He’s just there. Striving to prove himself worthy in my mother’s eyes. Waiting for me. Always, always, waiting for me.

When people make fun of what you’ve been through because they never thought it had so much effect on you

The promise of firsts and of never loving again, the breaking point of what would’ve, should’ve, could’ve been forever, and all the sleepless nights spent wondering where it all went wrong, trying to see the dead end but ending up stumbling half-blindly in the dark until you lose your entire vision of the reality just waiting to snap your heart in two - they don’t know anything of it. The end of something that never even began was the sort of pain that they made fun of and crammed down my throat for me to choke on.

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